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Our instructors are constantly testing and comparing techniques to ensure that we offer the best tools for each individual and situation. 

  • Our Krav Maga lineage is direct from Israel.

  • Our firearms training and certifications are from both the U.S. and from Israel

  • Our fitness certification is for functional fitness for the tactical athlete (professionals)

Krav Maga and Force on Force Instructor

owner and head instructor

Jeremy Brown

Jeremy is an expert Krav Maga, Fitness, and Firearms instructor who demonstrates an excellent combination of natural ability, hard work, and subject mastery. He spends countless hours perfecting self-defense technique and teaching methodologies, and is devoted to student and instructor improvement.

Each class is engaging and practical with the purpose of equipping each student with the mindset and technical skills that are crucial to surviving various types threats and attacks. Jeremy's students often comment on his unique ability to break down complex techniques in a way that allows each student to improve their individual movement and execution. Jeremy is straightforward, friendly, and approachable.  In his classes, he achieves a balance of fun, focused intensity, and no-nonsense training.

Prior to moving to the Carolinas, Jeremy was the director and senior instructor for a leading Krav Maga school in San Francisco, CA. Originally from Ecuador, he loves to play soccer, volleyball, piano, mountain climb, hike, and spend time with his family.


Jeremy's Certifications

  • Krav Maga Expert (Tactical and Civilian)

  • Multiple Krav Maga Instructor Certifications

  • Israeli Tactical Point Shooting Instructor

  • NRA Pistol Instructor

  • NC CHP Instructor

  • NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator (TSAC-F) certified

  • Glock armorer