Events / Community

Throughout the year we offer special topic seminars and training camps.  Most of these are open to the public. We also have a strong community of fun individuals who enjoy hikes, picnics, art shows, and of course getting coffee and going out to eat!! Below you will find any upcoming events and if you want to see what we've done in the past just scroll down a little further. 


Upcoming Events

Krav Maga girl punching pad(Blacked out faces).jpg

Private Women's Self-defense Seminar - Undisclosed location

Treadstone is pleased to be offering a private seminar for a group of brave women who unfortunately have experienced what violence is like first hand. We are honored to be able to help give back to our community, even if it is only in a small way.



On July 8th a group of students will take on a grueling 5 hour Krav Maga Test.  This will be their first major milestone, wish them luck as they prepare to crush the test!


Past Events

  • Knife Defense workshop (Colonial Reserve) : July 2017
  • Private women's self-defense seminar : June 2017
  • Dinner at Seoul Food : May 2017
  • Knife seminar - Charlotte : May 2017
  • Self-Defense workshop - Charlotte : April 2017
  • Women's Self-defense seminar - Damascus Ohio : Nov 2016
  • Men's Krav Maga Workshop - Damascus Ohio : Nov 2016