Firearms Manipulation and Tactics (FMT)

The Firearms Manipulation and Tactics (FMT) division exists to provide continued training for those who responsibly carry firearms for the protection of themselves, their family, their community, and their country.  Our Dynamic Engagements program is a one of a kind course that trains on a weekly basis. Our live fire courses are a hybrid of U.S. and Israeli style tactics and shooting.  We also offer customized group training programs and special seminars (see below).  It is our belief that we can never train enough.

The emphasis of the FMT curriculum:

  • Have you apply fundamentals in real-world scenarios

  • Help you learn to function under stress and develop mental toughness

  • Give you various integrated training methods (live-fire, dry-fire, force-on-force, and Krav Maga)

FMT Courses

Weekly course:

Dynamic Engagements (DE): Our unique program combines firearms training with krav maga into one dynamic curriculum. Using dry-fire and force-on-force (UTM munition) scenario-based training at our facility. Take your CCW training to a whole new level.

Beginner Pistol Class

Live Fire courses:

Foundations: is designed for the first-time or beginner shooter. You will learn the basic skills, knowledge, and attitudes for safely owning and operating a pistol. This course will include both classroom and live-fire sessions.


FMT 1, 2, 3: This 3 part series is the introduction to tactical firearms manipulation. Each level expands upon the previous course and covers the foundational skills needed to employee your firearm in a real world situation. Learn how to draw, move, deal with malfunctions, shoot from different positions, clear barricades, among other neccisary skills! This curriculum is a combination of both Israeli and U.S. tactics.

Advance Firearms Training

Chaos: Is designed for the advanced shooter. This course will push you to your limits. It is critical to strengthen your ability to make decisions under stress, physical exhaustion, pain, and in the midst of chaos. This course is a mix of all our training methodologies (dry, force-on-force, Krav Maga, and live-fire) in order to best simulate these tough circumstances. Subject matter will change from course to course, offering new scenarios to work on.