Dynamic Engagements

Revolutionizing your CCW training

Dynamic Engagements (DE Levels 1-5):

The DE program is redefining ccw training. Our weekly course is designed to give you the greatest chance for success.  This program is not your typical firearms class.  In order to succeed you will become proficient in firearms manipulation, tactics, Krav Maga, and stress management.  We use multiple training methodologies and equipment to help you prepare (we use UTM's training munition and air-soft equipment for Force on Force training, as well as blue guns, and SIRT Pistols). This program is fun, challenging, and rewarding.

Force on Force training that used to be limited to law enforcement and military, now available to YOU!

The Whys:

  1. We are only as good as our training.  In a fight it is rare to rise to the occasion, the opposite is often the case. Under stress we tend to perform at about 80% or less. We want to make your 80% better then the bad guys 100%.  There is no easy way to do this.  You have to train, you have to be pushed to failure, and you have to put the time and sweat needed into your training.
  2. Have you ever heard someone say... "I don't need a gun, I know self-defense."  or  "I don't need Krav Maga, I have a gun." Over the years I have heard both of those statements.  Both sides are right to some degree, yet both sides are very wrong. There are scenarios where having a gun is the best solution, yet there are scenarios where a gun isn't needed.  There are times that we will have to fight to get to our gun (even if it is on us) and there are times that a less then lethal solution is better. Don't set yourself up for failure. We combine Krav Maga and firearms training into one dynamic curriculum. 
  3. Often the cost and availability of Force on Force or scenario based live fire training limits how many hours we can train.  We created an affordable way to actually get the training and repetitions necessary to be proficient. 

Don't leave success to chance, train and then train some more.