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What students say

"I’m a  60 year old retired San Francisco Police Officer. I have been a runner, open water swimmer, weight lifter and a hot yoga practitioner. I began practicing Krav Maga with Jeremy 3 years ago. I tried 2 of the 4 Krav schools in the San Francisco bay area before I tried Jeremy’s school. The other schools were excellent and the instruction was superb. But from the first class I had with Jeremy I knew that I Had lucked into an instructor and a person who is one in a billion. He knows this art as well as any person can. He performs it with the grace and ability of a Shaolin kungfu master and yet he is a patient and clever teacher. He can teach the struggling slow learner (me) and the quick study with the same amazing clarity. Jeremy has been taught by and trained with some of the most preeminent Krav Maga practitioners in the world and he is admired and respected by them. I honestly feel that my legacy will not be that I achieved so and so level in Krav Maga but will be that I trained under the tutelage of Jeremy Brown. If you get the chance to train with Jeremy consider yourself lucky and don’t pass it up."

- Bob Mammone, Pacifica, Ca.


In late December, 2012 I took a one hour introductory class with Jeremy at KMI in San Francisco. At the end of the class I signed up for a 1-year VIP membership. A bit rash, perhaps? If it appeared that way to my girlfriend, she didn't say. She could see my enthusiasm. Fast forward three-and-a-half years and I'm still at it, still got the VIP membership, still training as often as I can and loving every second of it. With Jeremy as my main instructor I've certainly developed some techniques, but it's so much more than that. Everything I do, from crossing the street to commuting to work to entering my house at the end of the day, is conducted in a slightly different - a more aware - manner. I also took directions I wasn't expecting to take, like getting a hand gun permit with Jeremy. It only made sense. After all, if you're gonna learn how to disarm someone you had better know what to do next! I've completed two tactical shooting courses now. The combination of shooting drills and krav maga techniques is first rate and is a perfect demonstration of how performance is affected by pressure and adrenaline. So, in case it's not clear from my history, there is simply no way to describe in words how much I recommend training with Jeremy Brown. Just go and do it. Whether you're looking to improve your fitness, learn some basic self defense or brush up on your tactical abilities, I guarantee you have come to the right person.

- Ben, MD


“First and foremost, Jeremy is a great coach. He has a keen eye for detail, a broad base of knowledge, a positive/encouraging approach to training, and is a mature and thoughtful individual. He doesn’t waste time with excessive chatter about what he knows but rather, he focuses on each student as an individual. His explanations are sound, rational and easy to understand. Importantly, he is very organized in his approach and makes student safety a high priority. I had the fortunate experience to train under him with both Krav Maga and tactical handgun point shooting. Jeremy is very adept at taking advantage of his student’s existing skill sets and natural abilities as well as custom tailoring training for student physical limitations/issues. Although I studied Chinese martial arts, CQC, edged weapons and handguns in the past, I found training with Jeremy to be much more practical and reality-based.  Whether you are experienced or not, young or older, any gender, I fully recommend Jeremy to anyone serious about wanting sound, no-nonsense self-defense training.”

- MB, San Francisco 2016


You are only as good as your instructor. Jeremy is the real deal. He blends technique with a real world perspective at all points in time. He knows when form is critical and when just getting the job done will work. Because he is also a firearms training instructor, he is an expert at escalation of force at each level, from unarmed to armed. If you want to learn how to turn your body into a lethal weapon Jeremy is the right person to lead you in your training.

- Kedrick


"If you are looking for high quality instruction for your mind and body in self defense and protection of others, you need to train with Jeremy Brown. I trained in Krav Maga with Jeremy in both daily classes and specialized seminars. Jeremy's classes and seminars are very detailed with a great atmosphere. I have taken several of Jeremy's ITPS (Israeli Tactical Point Shooting) courses and they are great! They enhance your ability to use a firearm in a real world environment. His training was challenging for both beginner and advanced shooters with a large emphasis on safety. I have also trained in his instructor development program. It is a great way to learn and teach Krav Maga in a friendly environment."  

- Cal Garbini


"My name is Dan and I've been in law enforcement for over 15 years. I have taken Jeremy's Krav and shooting classes his skill level, knowledge and ability to teach the curriculum in an easily digestible format is second to none.  If your thinking of training with Jeremy you will not be disappointed in any way."

- Dan