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Treadstone Defensive Tactics Krav Maga

Krav Maga stands out as a real-world, scenario-based training system that prioritizes practicality and efficiency in self-defense situations. The Israeli Army created Krav Maga to support their ground troops on the battlefield. It has been demonstrated to be so effective that many U.S. law enforcement, military, and similar agencies worldwide use it as their self-defense method. Krav Maga means “contact combat. As a system, Krav Maga is meant to be constantly evolving. This means that true Krav Maga is a no ego system that seeks to adapt and remain the most realistic self defense system that it can be. Here at Treadstone we have spent many years evolving the system and improving training methodologies and we commit to continue.

There are four pillars to self defense:

  • stand up defense
  • ground defense
  • defense against weapons
  • defense using weapons

Most self defense systems only focus on one of these pillars. Krav Maga works by training on all four pillars giving you a well-rounded approach to your safety. In our Krav Maga program you will learn to defend yourself from standing attackers, attacks on the ground, attacks with weapons, and you will even learn how to use common objects and weapons to defend yourself.

One of the greatest aspects of reality based Krav Maga is that it takes a holistic approach to training. It is not enough to learn some fancy moves and call it a day. You not only need to commit such moves to muscle memory but you also need to train yourself to be physically and mentally be able to do them. Additionally, you need to know how to fight and problem-solve when things don’t go as planned. In our classes we spend time training you through each of these aspects. You will learn self defense moves, you will learn to problem-solve, you will get in better shape, and you will become more mentally tough.

We have an awesome community and will work together with you to achieve your goals.

Treadstone Defensive Tactics Dynamic Engagements (Beginner and Advanced Firearms Training)

Treadstone’s Dynamic Engagements (DE) program was created to fill a need that existed in the firearms and self defense industry. There were not many options in the industry to train both curricula simultaneously and even fewer (if any) that combined Krav Maga, Israeli tactics, and U.S. tactics all into one system. As one of the nation’s first integrated programs, we want to continue to lead this industry, which is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Making the choice to carry or own a firearm for self defense comes with great responsibility. We must not only know how to use the firearm (especially under stress) but also how to not use it. There is no question that a firearm can be the best solution for certain problems but it can also be the wrong solution for others. This is why we have to take our training beyond the normal standards.

The DE program will train you on all aspects of owning and fighting with a firearm. The training will meticulously make you highly knowledgeable and capable when it comes to firearms manipulation, tactics, one-person CQB, Krav Maga, and stress management. Our multi-faceted curriculum stands out from the rest, utilizing various training methods and equipment to help you achieve your goals.

When it comes to firearms training, Force on Force is how we can test and put to use all the skills that we have worked on. Force on Force is also a great way to create mental toughness and to better prepare ourselves for real life scenarios. You will have some element of Force on Force in each class.

The weekly DE classes at our facilities will use training equipment such as SIRT guns, Airsoft guns, and Blue guns. For live fire training we will use a local range. These training sessions are scheduled throughout the year.

The DE program is appropriate for beginners and advanced students.

Treadstone Defensive Tactics Private Training

Private Training

Our private training session are custom designed to help you reach your goals. When contacting us we will ask questions to find out what your goals and needs are. From there we custom design a program specifically for you. We offer private training in Krav Maga, Firearms training, and/or Fitness. There are several options for private training which are listed below.


We understand that your schedule can get jam packed in school or work, making it challenging to join our classes. You may also be someone who prefers learning and doing things better alone. We want you to find the time to balance your life well, training at your own pace preference to dedicate the right energy to yourself defense journey. Our Private Lessons will help you focus and progress efficiently while still having a flexible schedule for your other activities.

Private group lessons:

Would you like your family to train together but can’t make it to regular classes? Want to invite some friends to train together? Want an awesome birthday event? Whatever your reasons – we offer private group training. Your group size can be as small as 2 participants and as large as 30 people. This is a really fun way to learn to defend yourself and bring your friends along for the ride.

Personal training:

Fitness, health, weight management, these are all things that we all can struggle with. It can be hard to know what workout to do. It can be hard to motivate ourselves. This is why partnering with a supportive coach for your fitness training can be so helpful. We can help make exercise fun and engaging. We use traditional and modern training but also throw in combatives and drills to make you safer all while working out. The positive results you see and feel will also help motivate you to keep going!

Treadstone Defensive Tactics Corporate Self Defense Seminars (in person or online)

Corporate Self Defense Seminars (in person or online)

Krav Maga On-site brings this world-renowned self-defense system directly to you and your co-workers or employees. We have an experienced team that can work with you and we can offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs.


Are you looking for an exciting hands-on workshop to help build team unity? Offering your team a unique, fun, and practical class in self defense is by far our most popular choice. These workshops can range from one time events or recurring events throughout the year. We recommend one to two hour sessions. We can host your team at our facility or we can come to your office, the choice is yours.

Weekly GetFit GetSafe classes:

You can offer an exciting way to get in shape while learning practical skills to your employees. We can run weekly classes at your business or at our school offering a fun way for your employees to live healthier lives. These classes are usually 45 minutes long to allow your employees time for travel and to change clothes.

Travel Safety Preparedness:

Does your business require employees to travel? You can give your traveling teams more confidence as they go to unfamiliar places by offering them self defense training before they go.

Online Training:

Some organizations have employees spread across the world and want a way to offer selfdefense training to each employee. Others want to have videos to reinforce the knowledge gained in workshops. Whatever your motivation we are here to help. We have video packages that consist of short 5-10 min “how to”videos to teach and encourage your teams safety.

Security Team:

They are your first line of defense, make sure they are ready! We can train your security team how to safely handle violent intruders, how to handle active shooters, how to be proactive not just responsive. We offer the tools to help prepare your workforce for any violent situation they may encounter.

Employee Benefit packages:

Want to add self defense to your employees benefits package? We can do that.

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