By: Jeremy Brown (Treadstone Defensive Tactics)

We are in an exciting time for reality-based training systems. There is more available data on violent attacks that we can study and analyze.  Technology and easier access to that data are allowing more people to do research. Research and testing are becoming more expected. Different industries are starting to cross over and work together, and more people are willing to step out and question the status quo. 

Krav Maga in its formation was meant to be a reality-based fighting system, constantly evolving to meet the needs of a changing world.  The firearms training industry is no different.

As the name implies, Reality-based systems need to be rooted in reality. This has several implications for school owners and instructors:

  • Are we just teaching students techniques or are we actually training them to be able to perform them under stress?
  • Are we keeping an open mind – researching, testing, learning from other systems and industries?
  • Are we willing to set our egos aside and change or adapt when needed?

Here are my ProTips on Reality-Based Training.

  • A reality-based school will offer:
    • The TRUTH: There is no solution that works 100% of the time and not every problem has a solution.
    • A focus on the basics and fundamentals.
    • Techniques that are simple and effective.
    • Teach and train problem solving.
    • Build mental toughness through stressful training (Violent attacks are stressful and we have to train under stress in order to replicate and prepare accordingly).
    • Sparring.
      • Needs to be monitored and controlled.
      • The focus needs to be on self-defense and not just ring fighting.
      • Progressive in nature.
      • Frequency and intensity matter (too much or too little can be bad).
    • Force on force training.
      • Needs to be monitored and coached.
      • For Defensive Firearms training:
        • If it looks like a game – then it probably is (watch out for this “game”). If you wouldn’t do something when real bullets are flying around, then you shouldn’t do it in training.
        • Needs to combine firearms and hand-to-hand combat.
    • Safety and integrity are always paramount.
      • Safety should be a primary goal of the school and the instructor.
      • Integrity: The school and instructors need to be there to help you and not to boost their own ego.  Ego will get in the way of progress.

These are a few things to look for when trying to find a reality-based training school.


Train Hard and Be Safe