By: Jeremy Brown (Treadstone Defensive Tactics)


Shadow Boxing is a term that we use for practicing technique and building “muscle memory” on your own. It is done in the air and in a controlled manner. From the outside it looks like you are fighting the air.  You’ve probably seen professional fighters doing a little shadow boxing before their fights to loosen up and to start getting their neurological pathways stimulated for what they are about to do.  We will sometimes use this type of shadow boxing, but most of the time when we refer to shadow boxing it is a little different.

Here are my ProTips on shadow boxing (Krav Style):

  • Slower, smooth, and fluid movements are best.
  • Try to get close to full extension without hyperextending.
  • No jerking motion.
  • Try to make every movement as perfect as possible.
  • Practice strikes, defenses, and movement.
  • Practice previously learned techniques (Ex: If you learned a release from some hold or choke- practice this technique).
  • Try to picture the opponent or scenario before, during, and after you respond.  This can be key to help you be realistic in your movement and technique implementation.
  • End each fight with escape.
  • Film yourself from time to time.  This is an invaluable tool for you to use to check yourself for bad habits.  It is amazing how often we do things without realizing it.
  • Be deliberate about what you are training. 
  • Stay in the moment and think about what you are doing.